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South Africa


Hi, we are Ryan and Kindle Bridgford!  We are being launched into missions to Johannesburg, South Africa in July 2021! Impact Africa is taking us on as Directors of their Global Internship program. The program is a three, six, or ten month internship that invites young people to come serve Impact Africa’s ministry and receive discipleship and training that will help propel them into their destinies in the Lord. We will be discipling the interns and taking care of their physical and spiritual needs, and engaging in community outreach through evangelism and community upliftment programs.

 We have a passion to see the next generation of leaders raised up to be mature, character-filled, fiery lovers of God who have a “yes” in their hearts to go anywhere for God, and do anything that God calls them to do. Both of us had formative moments in our faith happen during short-term missions work, and it has always been our passion to facilitate the same growth we experienced on the missions field for others.

 Upwards of 80 percent of vocational missionaries cite a short-term missions experience as the reason they became full time missionaries. This is why it is our heart to disciple and lead short to mid-term young missionaries who enter Impact Africa’s Global Internship program, and give them the tools to lead a life fully after the Lord, no matter what sphere of influence that quest ultimately leads them.

  Thank you for considering partnering with us to send us onto the missions field.