South Africa

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Hi there! My name is Jordan, and I was born and raised in Alaska, but now my heart is spread among various places – Alaska, which I will always love; Arizona, where my family lives; and South Africa, where I am a full-time missionary with Impact Africa!

I felt the Lord call me to Africa as a missionary when I was only eight years old, and over the years, He continued to water, prune, and grow that seed deep down in my heart. I served on multiple mission trips to Africa – South Africa, Zambia, and Uganda – when I was in high school, and even though I wanted to move to Africa permanently at that time, the Lord slowed me down, as His plans are best.

I studied and received my bachelor’s at Corban University in Oregon – a time where God worked on my heart and allowed me to grow in deeper knowledge and relationship with Him.  Upon graduation, I accepted an internship with Impact Africa, serving for ten months. It was one of the most influential and growing years of my life, and during that time, God allowed the seed of being a full-time missionary to truly flourish! Impact Africa invited me to come back and serve with them as a long-term career missionary, and I ended up moving to South Africa in 2021.

I am passionate about sharing the Good News and about sharing the work being done in South Africa. It’s so important for people’s stories to be shared, for them to be encouraged and discipled, and for Jesus’ name to be known among the nations. Nothing lights me up quite like journeying with people and watching their life be impacted by the Lord!

God has been so intentional with His intricate plan, and I am humbled to be walking in it. Thank you for journeying with me, with the people of South Africa, and with God!