My name is Bailey Carlton and I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. When I was 10 years old, I went to a mission’s conference and told two missionaries from Morocco that one day, I too would be a missionary to Africa. Immediately after graduating high school at 16, I spent  a year in Mexico, learning what it meant to be a full-time missionary. After that, I decided to take a big step of faith and at the last minute join an internship in South Africa.

Ever since graduating, I have felt such a huge burden to reach lost high school students and empower those who already have a relationship with God! There is such a huge need for raising up this next generation! Future leaders and difference makers are in high school right now, and they are being neglected! I have the opportunity to go into public high schools and have heart to heart conversations with students dealing with drugs, alcohol abuse, and an overall hopelessness. I have seen firsthand the change that can happen when just a couple students grab onto the hope of Jesus and run with it. The entire atmosphere of a school can change!

I will also be able to work in a local church’s youth group and help disciple students through some of life’s most difficult situations. Spending one-on-one time with these individuals is such a blessing and can completely change the projection of their lives!​



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